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nice day for a white wedding

So my sister is now MARRIED. Isn't that so weird? I totally have a brother-in-law now (a brother-in-law I once hated, but c'est la vie)!

Her wedding was Saturday and despite all of the drama, stress and guilt leading up to it, we had a pretty wonderful day. I blubbered through the entire wedding march, read a poem of Jamie's during the ceremony and then cried so hard during my toast that I couldn't even finish it. Seriously, all I got out was "And we watched all these cheesy romantic 80s chick flicks growing up and we . . . well, when we were 16 and 17, we didn't have that perfect relationship and now..." CUE THE TEARS. Dad had to finish it for me by offering up "but you do know!" and I just cried and cried and Jamie cried and we hugged and kept saying I LOVE YOU over and over like a bunch of drunk coeds.

I've never been all that great with change and seeing her name go from Jamie Darby to Jamie Roy on Facebook put a huge pang in my chest, but for the first time I'm realizing what it means to be happy that someone else is happy. I know that sounds weird, I mean it's not like I've been dreaming about disaster and strife to others, but to honestly put aside any of my own fears or worries or feelings and just be completely 100% happy because SHE'S happy? That's a new thing for me and I really, truly love it.

So many funny things happened over the course of the day, too much to type now (I'm about to cook up some homemade chicken noodle soup), but one of the funniest was when Jamie was crying that morning over the damn wedding cake and as I came down the hall, Chloe met me in the kitchen and said "She's having a meltdown."

And one of the sweetest moments? When I was crying like a giant bridesmaid baby and Trey saw me sobbing and came up, leaning his entire body into one of my legs.

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Aww, you're so cute. ♥
Congrats to your sister! Nice to see you back on LJ too. :)