samantha fonzarelli (sitcom) wrote,
samantha fonzarelli

happy go lucky playlist

i want to create a new playlist, but my itunes is being a whore! it keeps saying it can't connect with the itunes store. i probably need to update it, but i haaaaate updating itunes. mainly because i have to do it every two days. sheesh.

anyway! here's the playlist i want to create/burn on a cd:

1. m79 - vampire weekend
2. hollywood is dead - michael bublé
3. i do - colbie caillat
4. solsbury hill - peter gabriel
5. you can call me al - paul simon
6. new slang - the shins
7. suddenly i see - kt tunstall
8. king of anything - sara bareilles
9. half of my heart - john mayer with taylor swift
10. love song - sara bareilles
11. beautiful day - u2

that's all i've got right now! any other suggestions? i want to keep in this same style of music, but i don't know how to describe it other than it makes me happy, makes me want to conquer the world, makes me bounce while i'm driving, makes me laugh out loud because i'm so full of joy. so yeah. songs that do that to you are welcome! <3
Tags: and the beat goes on, happy go lucky
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